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Filters & Regulators
A wide range of compressor line filters, pressure regulators (FRL) and oilers suitable for use in most compressed air systems

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  • Compressed Air...
    Used to control the pressure from the air compressor. Used where a stable & constant pressure is required.
  • Line Filter Elements
    A selection of Compressed Air Line Filter Elements. NOTE: These are not Genuine OEM Filter Elements
  • Compressed Air Filtration
    While a dirty Compressed Air system can usually function adequately, it does so at the expense of downstream components. Liquid water and contaminants can damage the inside of pipes and other pneumatic components. Also, many pneumatic valves and cylinders contain small orifices that can easily get plugged with contamination. Because compressed air quality requirements vary considerably by industries, so does the type of filtration needed. Matching the level of filtration used in the system to the quality of air required is the most cost effective and energy efficient option. The Three types of Compressor Line Filtration commonly used & available to buy here are:- Particulate Filter / General Purpose Filter Coalescing Filter / Oil Removal Filter Absorber Filter / Vapour Removal Filter