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Air Compressors
A wide range of brand new Air Compressors Available to view & buy on-line. We stock compressors for use at home, garage, workshop right upto dental and industrial screw type compressors.

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  • Atlas Copco Workshop /...
    Atlas Copco Rotary screw air compressors from 2.2 - 7.5 kW ideal for the automotive trade, workshops and garages. Designed for long life, high output and continuous reliability along with extremely low noise levels. Available floor mounted, receiver mounted and with on board refrigerated dryer.
  • Bambi Silent Oil Free...
    Quiet Portable Air Compressors designed for most applications requiring compressed air silently! With sound levels from just 40dB (A) the Bambi range of Air Compressor can be used in the work area without any noise intrusion. A full dental range is available (VT Range)
  • Professional / Light...
    Our range of piston air compressors from 0.75kW are designed to offer extremely reliable and user friendly solutions to suit all automotive and workshop applications. Our range also includes higher presure and mobile systems, so whatever the application we have the ideal solution. The Blue Star range features proven and reliable single and two stage compressor pumps belt driven by a high quality electric motor. Each model is complete with automatic controls for ease of use and economical operation. Maintenance is made simple by the availability of convenient service kits. Blue Star models are supplied with a two year warranty and provide a reliable and robust solution for workshop and light industrial applications
  • DIY / Home Garage...
    Incorporating oil less and lubricated technology in a direct drive format in a range of powers from 1.1kW to 2.2kW. (230v & 8bar Pressure). Each model is designed to be highly portable with simple automatic controls and low maintenance. Ideal for light use - If you're looking for cheap compressor for light use around the home, shed or garage then take a look at these compressors.
  • Workshop / Semi-Pro...
    This new range of compressors incorporates our proven know how with a new design layout that brings extra practicality and convenience. The convenient easy to use control panel, larger wheels and specially designed handle delivers real benefits in terms of convenience and ease of use in a range of powers from 1.5 to 2.2 kW. Using high quality and proven compressor pumps in lubricated belt drive and direct drive format the TECH series brings new levels of performance with proven reliability.